From the summer tones of the sea and the sky in the island, Zoccai presents Positano, the new collection dedicated to the “Italian summer”. The coral, aquamarine, turquoise and moon stone, Positano creates a free and joyful state of minding the jewels of the collection through the stone that is meant to be an amulet of wellness and positivity.



Light diamond finished chains hold the geometric pendants in oval and square shapes made of coral, turquoise, milky aquamarine and white moon stone. The single earrings or the asymmetrical pendants let the wearer to freely play and interpret with them with tonal or contrasting colors. All the stones are embellished with diamond pavé frames.


The main characters of the collection are the stones and the chromatic match among them.
Smooth cabochon of intense and milky color give the idea of an amulet, inspired from the colors of the underwater world to the moon. All the jewels are created with white 18 carats gold that give additional light to the stone thanks to its reflections.